Photos page 1 - the RM
This is the first page offering a small selection of the many bus pictures I have!.
Lets start with the standard length Routemaster - the RM. Just click each picture to see in full size.
On the last day of RM operation on the 12, RM9 is seen at dusk at Camberwell Green, with the Last day of crew operation special intermediate blind. Always nice to see an RM is near original condition!
In September 2005, RM85 had moved from route 19 at Battersea and transferred to the 159 at Brixton.
RM1164 is at Clapton Pond on 28th October 2005 on route 38.
RM2106 is in Oxford Street looking very battered on the 12! It still had nearly 7 months left in service.
This may be cheating a bit, but it was in service! To mark the 50th anniversary of Thornton Heath garage, a special service ran on the 109 on 9th April 2011. RM2217 is part of Arriva's heritage fleet seen in Croydon.
RM1280 is in Piccadilly on route 19 in March 2005.
RM1562 is on the 13 at Golders Green bus station on 24th September 2005 - one month before opo conversion.
RM1650 masquerading as SRM3 was out on the 8 at Victoria on 4th June 2004, the last day of crew operation.
RM1977 is at the Queens Park stand on 8th January 2005 just under 3 weeks before opo conversion.
And here's a shot of the platform! Easy to get on and off and a cubby hole for the conductor.