This is the second page of bus photos, again featuring Routemaster buses in service.
Photos page 2 - the RML
Starting with the longer Routemaster - the RML. Just click each picture to see in full size.
A lineup of RML's at Putney Heath also on 23rd July 2005.
Putney lost its crew routes on 23rd July 2005. On 12th March 2005 RML2540 picks passengers up in Piccadilly bus lane.
Tottenham's RML2510 looking slightly worse for wear at Victoria Station, 8th April 2004. Less than 5 months remained of crew operation.
One of the three routes that lost Routemasters in September 2004 was the 390, which was Metroline's last RML route. RML2395 is seen on 4th June in Oxford Street.
On the last day of RM's on the 8, Blue Triangle's superbly turned out RML900 made an appearance.
Looking very smart indeed, it was pictured in Oxford Street. This bus is a credit to them!!
RML903 was once the pride of Finchley garage, being a show bus as it was the last of the initial batch of 24 RML's, (880 to 903) before standard RM's continued in production from RM904 onwards. RML903 heads towards Archway on the 390 in Oxford Street on 8th April 2004. Only the offside route number, the rear lights which have not been altered, and the white on black number plate show its history.
This is Westbourne Park's RML2522 at Russell Square on the last Saturday of crew operation in June 2004. I thought the intermediate blind was a nice touch. Well done First!
RML892 is from the first batch of longer Routemasters seen at the old Streatham Garage on 8th December 2005, the last full day of crew operation on the 159. You can see the TfL posters that adorned these buses in their final week, telling people they can still ride RM's on the 9 & 15.
On the last day of RM's on the 38, Friday 28th October 2005, at Leyton garage I was pleased to see RML2665 parked next to the highest number RML2760 for a great photo opportunity.
RML2680 was at Putney Heath in March 2005 on the 22.