Some Marshall Refurbished Routemasters started in November 2005 on the 9 & 15 for tourists, covering parts of each route. Each route shows just plain 9 or 15, but they are known as 9H and 15H.
Each route requires only 5 buses plus 3 spares and they run from 09:30 to 18:30 daily, the 15 on a 15 minute headway and the 9 on a 20 minute headway. Click on the thumbnails to see the image.
9H & 15H
RM1218 is in Piccadilly on route 9 in 2009 celebrating 50 years of the Routemaster, This is of course operating as a Heritage bus running to Aldwych prior to the changes which curtailed the route at Trafalgar Square.
RM1941 as seen on the heritage part of the 15 in The Strand in April 2006.
routemaster-bus004012.jpg routemaster-bus004011.jpg
From 2006, starting off with the 9, in the Strand in the bright April sunlight is RM1640.
The difference between the First & Stagecoach examples apart from the gold company names is the front number plate. First use silver on black.
Heading towards the Aldwych is RM1776 showing off it's adverts for the British Museum.
RM1933 looks very smart on layover just round the corner from Trafalgar Square - note the white on black registration plate.
From the running day on 17th September 2006, I was lucky enough to get a ride on RM1.
Also making an appearance was RML2760 so we have the first and last RM's on the same day!
Unusually showing Aldgate as a destination, RM2089 was on the 15 at the Strand on 21st November 2009.
RM1627 caught heading east towards Trafalgar Square on 19/11/11.
RM1562 in Piccadilly after it has re-opened as a two way street, heading for Kensington High Street. A much better destination than Royal Albert Hall.
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From the running day 25/11/12, RM2060 was out on the 15. I believe this normally runs the route anyway so is not a 'special'
routemaster-bus004003.jpg routemaster-bus004002.jpg
A visitor to the 9 on 25/11/12 was RML2760, the highest number Routemaster, owned by Stagecoach. It has undergone an external repaint and lost the gold 'LondonTransport' lettering and gained a roundel.
Another visitor to the 9 on 25/11/12 was RML2735, pictured at Trafalgar Square. I like the '50 years of Routemasters on Route 9' in the intermediate display.
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