This is a page featuring 'odd' Routemaster buses in service in London, outside London or at rallies etc.
RM1062 is seen in June 2011 operating on Cornwall route 587 for Western Greyhound in Perranporth. This photo is courtesy of Mark Howarth.
Here's a shot I took a while ago of RM8. It was the first production Routemaster to be built in 1958, but the last to enter service - in 1976! - after being used for various trials. It ended up in Sidcup and worked the 21 up to its opo conversion on 1st February 1986. Since then it has been owned and preserved in superb condition by the RM8 club.
routemaster-bus005040.jpg routemaster-bus005039.jpg
What might have been! FRM1 was out on the 9 for the running day back in 2006.
RML2324 worked in Eastbourne for Cavendish where it was photographed. This is a guest photo, but I had some trouble with my emails a few months back and havent managed to recover them so I cant find out who sent it to me to add the appropriate credits!. If it was you who sent it to me, please let me know!
routemaster-bus005037.jpg routemaster-bus005036.jpg
At the LOTS summer bus rides evening on 19th July 2010 was RMC4, owned by Roger White's London Bus Company.
RM1878 had been used as a playbus in Wandsworth for a number of years before being snapped in July 2005.
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Route 24 was 100 years old in 2012 and has consistently run between Pimlico and Hampstead Heath. To celebrate, there was a running day on 25th November 2012. There were 8 guest vehicles in total including other types as well as Routemasters. Below we have RM1933, RML903, RML 2272, RT4421, RTW467, RTL1076 and M1.
I make no apologies for the non-Routemaster types, as they added a real amount of interest to the day.
routemaster-bus005035.jpg routemaster-bus005034.jpg routemaster-bus005033.jpg routemaster-bus005032.jpg routemaster-bus005031.jpg routemaster-bus005030.jpg routemaster-bus005029.jpg routemaster-bus005028.jpg routemaster-bus005027.jpg
10th May 2014, Catford Garage Centenary.
I rode RM2060 on the 47 from Shoreditch to Farnborough and then back to Catford Garage, and also on the 54 to and from Elmers End.
There was an impressive line-up of vehicles and I have included shots below in order of RM2060 (at Shoreditch and Farnborough on the 47 and Catford on the 54), RML2760, RM1063, RM1 & RM1033.
routemaster-bus005026.jpg routemaster-bus005025.jpg routemaster-bus005024.jpg routemaster-bus005023.jpg routemaster-bus005022.jpg routemaster-bus005021.jpg routemaster-bus005020.jpg routemaster-bus005019.jpg
Stockwell Garage Open Day on 15th October 2016 had many fine vehicles on display, and I saw these two - RM's 254 & 349.
8th October 2017, Special London Bus Heritage running day, organised by the London Bus Museum
There were a number of vehicles running on parts of the 3, 11, 24, 31 and 38, with a positioning journey using RM1933 on the 15 from Poplar in the morning which I rode on. There were of course RT's as well, including RT1 which I have also included, alongside RM3, 5, 848, 1005 and RML2263 ,2389, 2504, 2760
routemaster-bus005017.jpg routemaster-bus005016.jpg routemaster-bus005015.jpg routemaster-bus005014.jpg routemaster-bus005013.jpg routemaster-bus005012.jpg routemaster-bus005011.jpg routemaster-bus005010.jpg routemaster-bus005009.jpg routemaster-bus005008.jpg routemaster-bus005007.jpg
25th November 2018, special London Bus Heritage running day, over erstwhile routes 104 and 104a to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the closure of Finchley bus garage. Photos taken at Moorgate, Barnet, Archway and Golders Green, covering RML's 893, 897 ,898, 899 & 900.
routemaster-bus005006.jpg routemaster-bus005005.jpg routemaster-bus005004.jpg routemaster-bus005003.jpg routemaster-bus005002.jpg routemaster-bus005001.jpg