The name 'Routemaster' has again been used to describe the new bus for London (NB4L). there are some similarities, namely the rounded dome at the back, and the rear staircase, but that's all. Its a modern bus, with a hybrid drive and two staircases. scroll down for photos, with latest at the bottom.
New Routemaster (LT)
On 30th May 2012 the NB4L had started to enter service. I was lucky enough to find 2 of them in the early evening in Holborn:
Firstly the back end of LT1 seen heading towards Hackney. Interesting looking rear end!.
Then the front of LT4 doing a short to Holborn due to traffic holdups. This had only been in service for 3 days!
routemaster-bus006032.jpg routemaster-bus006031.jpg
And a couple of offside views of LT4 to round things off. I must admit I am not sure about the styling but it may grow on me.
Next, some photos taken on 25th June 2012:
I rode on LT2 from Rosebery Ave to Cambridge Circus.
This is the view sitting upstairs in the first seat on the right after you get upstairs, looking forward.
Its bright and airy and the seats are comfortable.
routemaster-bus006030.jpg routemaster-bus006029.jpg routemaster-bus006028.jpg
Looking down the stairs, you can see the odd shaped window that forms part of the roof line. The road to the left is Rosebery Avenue, and we were heading towards Holborn.
Sitting upstairs a bit further forward, looking towards the rear staircase.
I jumped off of LT2 at the Cambridge Circus lights and took a shot of some people jumping on - just as it should be!
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This block are photos taken on 24th June 2013. One year on and we have regular service on a complete route - the 24!
Starting off with LT30 at Trafalgar Square, showing the Northern Irish registrations, in a 'cherished' fashion.
An offside view of LT29 at Trafalgar Square, showing how long the buses are - around a metre longer than the buses they replaced.
On the way up to Hampstead, we passed LT10 broken down. I guess teething problems were going to happen!
Showing a nearside view of LT17 at Hampstead Heath with the rear door open.
Side by Side! A front view of LT17 & LT30.
Side by Side part 2! A rear view of LT17 & LT30.
routemaster-bus006021.jpg routemaster-bus006020.jpg
A platform view of LT38, where the rear door is partly locked when in OPO mode.
And lastly a front door view of LT10.
Here are a selection of route 11 photos taken in October 2013.
LT55 is seen here against the backdrop of St Paul's cathedral.
This is a good rear offside view of LT66.
routemaster-bus006018.jpg routemaster-bus006017.jpg
A front view of LT66 on a shorter trip to Sloane Square due to traffic congestion.
The upstairs view inside LT68, unusually empty due to a gap, then 2 coming at once!
An 'old v new' picture of an LT with an RM behind.
Another 'old v new' picture, this time from the RM with the LT behind, just outside City Thameslink station.
routemaster-bus006014.jpg routemaster-bus006013.jpg
These cover routes 9 & 390 from December 2013.
A side view of LT80 at The Aldwych.
And a front view of LT80 also, at The Aldwych.
LT75 having just arrived at the north side of The Aldwych.
A night time shot of LT84, this time on a short journey to Green Park, due to traffic congestion.....on a Sunday at 5.30pm.
routemaster-bus006009.jpg routemaster-bus006008.jpg routemaster-bus006007.jpg
LT105 on the 390 on the second day of operation seen in Oxford Street. One of the newest batch delivered to Metroline.
A rear view of LT105 showing the partial rear door opening during driver only mode, at bus stops only.
LT14 has been reassigned from route 24 onto the 390, and is seen in Oxford Street.
LT37 has also been reassigned from route 24 onto the 390, and is also seen in Oxford Street.
And some newer LT's from the 9, 148, and brand new not yet in service!
LT94 is seen overtaking RM 640 also on route 9 at Kensington High Street on 12th April 2014. A sight which will not happen for much longer.
I had a trip down to Camberwell where I found London United's LT1025 waiting in the Orpheus Street stand.
Over at Ash Grove, there were brand new delivered LT's for Arriva - 180 and 181 are in 'as delivered' state.
The highest number LT that I could see in the yard was 211, also in delivered state.