This is a selection of some old Routemaster photos going back to the 1970's 1980's and early 1990's that I have scanned in. The quality of these is not perfect, but they are still a great historical record.
Old photos - 1
First off is RM1204 on route 1. Note the route branding as the 1 was marketed as a tourist to Greenwich.
RM789 on the 12 was the last departure from Penge on Friday 12th Aug 1988, when the route was curtailed at Dulwich and the 176 took over the Penge section the next day.
RM921 is on route 3 just turning at Crystal Palace on its way to parliament Hill Fields.
An old black and white photo outside Victoria station with RM1335 on route 16.
RM459 is on the 28, probably at the Golders Green stand.
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routemaster-bus008014.jpg routemaster-bus008013.jpg
Next is RM1177 on the original route 2 which went to West Norwood. The 'via' blind is inaccurately set for route 2b.
Victoria is the location for RM47 on the 2b which was a garage showbus.
routemaster-bus008011.jpg routemaster-bus008010.jpg
RML2703 is on route 6 sometime after the 1992 changes that curtailed the route at Hackney Wick.
RM1401 is on Sunday only route 1a at Greenwich.
routemaster-bus008009.jpg routemaster-bus008008.jpg
RM427 is on route 8a at London Bridge station. This Monday to Friday peak hour route was withdrawn in March 1989.
routemaster-bus008007.jpg routemaster-bus008006.jpg
RMC1490 is on the X15 route which ran from Beckton to the City.
routemaster-bus008005.jpg routemaster-bus008004.jpg
RML2503 is on route 24 at Hampstead Heath.
routemaster-bus008003.jpg routemaster-bus008002.jpg
RM168 is on the 29, with route branding similar to that seen on the 1. A number of routes had this branding in the early 1980's.
RM567 is on the 31, probably along Kensington High Street.