The RM60 event occurred over the weekend of 12th & 13th July 2014, in Finsbury Park, North London. It commemorated the 60th anniversary of the unveiling of RM1 at the 1954 Earl's Court roadshow.
There was a line up of over 100 Routemaster buses, plus free rides from Manor House around the local area.
Below are a selection of photos from the Saturday. Click on the thumbnails for a full size image.
RM60, July 2014
First off is RM1 which is on loan from the LT Museum.
To give an idea of scale, this is probably about a third of the vehicles there!
RM857 has been restored and doesn't have any adverts, showing the paint job off to its fullest effect.
RM1699 looks like it is ready to step in should there be another tube strike!
RCL2229 represents the longer Green Line coaches.
RM7 bus that was present at the RM50 celebrations, but it was in a bad way then. The restoration work since then is superb, and it's great to see it out and about.
RM16 is showing the 1980's livery with white roundel and Fares Fair poster (from 1981).
RM1000 with the non standard registration was the Croydon garage show bus.
RM1 was joined by RM2 & RML3 for a line up, showing the original front end treatment for RM2 & RML3.
RM1357 was one of the vehicles doing rides. Here it is parked on the road at Manor House.
RMC1497 is reliving its days on the Green Line 716.
I had a nice chat with the owners of RM2179 which has been beautifully restored. Chris told me it's an unofficial mascot for the Brighton and Hove retired greyhound trust.
RML2334 first started out as a country bus at Godstone and has been restored to London Country 1970's livery.
RML2514 is in the special Kentish bus livery first applied to the buses on the 19.
routemaster-bus009017.jpg routemaster-bus009016.jpg routemaster-bus009015.jpg routemaster-bus009014.jpg routemaster-bus009013.jpg routemaster-bus009012.jpg routemaster-bus009011.jpg
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routemaster-bus009010.jpg routemaster-bus009009.jpg routemaster-bus009008.jpg routemaster-bus009007.jpg routemaster-bus009006.jpg routemaster-bus009005.jpg routemaster-bus009004.jpg routemaster-bus009003.jpg routemaster-bus009002.jpg
Two former Metroline buses from the 390 here, with RML2620 and RML2731.
Finally RMA58, which is undergoing restoration.
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