10 years after Routemasters left route 159, and ended mainstream service in London, a special half day event was held on Wednesday 9th December 2015 with a number of RT's and RM's running on the 159 between Marble Arch and Lambeth North with alternate buses going on to Brixton.
Rides were free but donations taken to help keep these buses going. It was organised by the London Bus Preservation Trust at Cobham.
Below are a selection of photos that I took. Click on the thumbnails for a full size image.
The 159, 10 Years On
First off is RM29 which I rode on from Brixton as far as Lambeth North.
Ok, so its not an RM, but there were RT's out as well so I am going to include two of them One was RTL139 looking in amazing condition.
RML2682 is used for tours at the moment, but joined in the fun on the 159 for the afternoon.
The other RT photo is of RT4421, again looking resplendent.
I wanted to recreate the shot I took on Westminster Bridge back in 2005, which I did (see home page), but this was a better close up shot of RML900.
RM1993 reflects the afternoon sun as it waits in Parliament Street to turn into Westminster Bridge.
RML2760, the highest numbered Routemaster in the LT fleet turns left out of Parliament Street.
Next a rear view of RM9 heading south at the County Hall end of Westminster Bridge.
Any finally, the old and the new underneath the arches!. RML2760 waits behind an unidentified LT. You can see the similarities in the curved roofline.
Now this is a photo I am really pleased with - very iconic with an old and new Routemaster, a black cab and Big Ben! RM848 waits to turn right.
Another shot of RM1993 on its way back towards Marble Arch.
RML2278 on its way to Brixton.
An evening shot of RM613 waiting at Lambeth North.
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